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About us

“Uchash” is an endeavor of DORP launched in 2014 at Sirajganj. Aim of this is to make available with competitive price of WASH related product in remote areas. The initiative has been scaled up in 3 coastal Upazilas of different districts. Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation-BSCIC has registered this social entrepreneurship.

Hard–To-Reach areas of Bangladesh are the primary targets where people are deprived from many facilities. Initially three products introduced in market, which are Sanitary napkin, Soap strip and Hand-made Towel. These are produced by poor women at cottages of village maintaining hygiene after being trained.


Reaching Hard to Reach Areas

1144 Unions of Bangladesh are hard to reach areas according to government. ‘Uschash’ will target the most deprived areas of these Unions and give them opportunity to practice hygiene behavior. Char’s of coastal belt and flood eroded areas are the most deprived user of the sanitary napkin and soap strip. .

Making Available of Hand Washing Soap Strips

Only 15% people in our country wash their hands in 5 important times a day and most of them are from well-being family according to National Hygiene Baseline Survey 2014. They are aware but others do not due to unavailability of soap at hand washing facilities. This soap strip will lessen the problem as it is handy, has mobility and competitive price. .

Affordable, Easily available and Quality Product

The sanitary napkins are at doorsteps of the users as it is available at schools, local medical shops, birth attendants, and village doctors. This product is a good quality product with competitive price thus affordable for the village peoples who are willing to expend for better hygiene practice.


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